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1 Day Trip North of Sapporo

It’s time to leave Sapporo city for a bit and explore the countryside. We explored much in the city itself and south of Sapporo – Otaru. Now, it was time to explore north of Sapporo. That’s what we did as we went on a one day tour.

It was a bus tour which stopped at each location for about 15 to 20 minutes. You can links at the end for guides to help you plan your holiday and trips outside of Hokkaido.

1. Campana Rokkatei

It boasts a view of grapevines sprawling across almost 80,000 square meters of rolling hillsides, as well as Mt. Tokachi from the glass-fronted shop right in front of you. It’s the ideal place for viewing the Daisetsuzan Volcanic Group while savoring sweets available exclusively in Furano. (Continue Reading)

2. Furano Winehouse

Located on a hill overlooking the Furano City in Hokkaido is the Furano Winehouse. You can enjoy splendid views of the city, lavender fields, and mountains of Tokachi. (Continue Reading)

3. Farm Tomita

Farm Tomita, located in the heart of Hokkaido in Nakafurano, Hokkaido, Japan, is home to Hokkaido’s lavender fields. Farm Tomita is one of Hokkaido’s largest tourist attraction site that brings in over 1 million people annually from all over Japan and the world. (Continue Reading)

4. Shikisai-no-Oka

Located in the rural town of Biei in Hokkaido, Shikisai-no-Oka attracts many people with its beautiful scenery of panoramic flower gardens. It is a paradise of seasonal blossoms from spring through to fall, in which several dozen different species of flowers and grasses flourish. (Continue Reading)

5. Shirogane Blue Pond

The Blue Pond outside the hot spring town of Shirogane Onsen is named after its deep blue colour which it owes to natural minerals dissolved in the water. It is one of Hokkaido’s most popular sightseeing destinations! (Continue Reading)

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We booked a one day tour through Klook, which you can check them out here.

However, if you would like to self-plan your own tour with a guide; below is a downloadable guide.

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