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Windsor Castle: Inside His Majesty’s Castle

Here’s a throwback post to my trip in London in 2016. On one of the days, we toured Windsor Castle under a tour package.

Before her passing, Queen Elizabeth was the owner of Windsor Castle, as can be seen in a brochure later below. Now her son, Charles III is the owner of Windsor Castle.

Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. Windsor Castle is a royal residence of the British royal family at Windsor in the English county of Berkshire. 

Founded by William the Conqueror in the 11th century, it has since been the home of 39 monarchs. Queen Elizabeth used to spend most of her private weekends at the Castle, which is also used for ceremonial and State occasions. 

Below are maps of the castle.

Map of Windsor Castle from brochure
Image by Thamesweb

Finding our way around Windsor Castle

For tourists, the entrance is on Castle Hill road, where there’s an admission gate to pass through. 

We walked up Castle Hill road towards Edward III Tower and entry into the castle precincts. After passing the castle walls, we were at the Middle Ward.

We walked down towards the Lower Ward where the St George’s Chapel is. Photography and filming are permitted inside the St George’s Chapel.

Set within the Castle precincts, St George’s Chapel is one of the most beautiful ecclesiastical buildings and finest examples of Gothic architecture in England. 10 monarchs, are buried here, including Henry VIII and Charles I.

After that, we made our way back up to the Middle Ward via the path along the North Terrace. We walked through the Norman Gateway to the State Apartments.

You could see the Round Tower (the Keep) up close.

We entered the State Apartments and Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House.

The magnificent State Apartments are frequently used by members of the Royal Family for formal events. Follow in the footsteps of Kings and Queens as you view the magnificent State Apartments decorated with some of the greatest treasures from the Royal Collection.

Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House is the most magical residence in that it is a perfect replica in miniature of an aristocratic home. Designed for Queen Mary in 1923 by the leading British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens.

Photography and filming are not permitted inside the State Apartments.

After a walkthrough tour in the State Apartments, we were out at the Quadrangle. 

After that, we walked back down to the Lower Ward and exited the castle precincts at Henry VIII Gateway.

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