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Where do you sit in a restaurant?

There is a saying that what and how a person eats, speaks volume about his/her personality. Person A may like to eat spicy food but Person B may not. Likewise, Person  A likes to leave the best for the last while Person B may just mix everything (on the plate) and gobble the food.

In the same manner, the restaurant is a big place, but each spot has its meaning. Where and how a person sits in a restaurant says a lot about a person. More specifically, the situation the person is going through. Moreover, why did the person sit there and what kind of person chooses to sit there etc. 




People who sit outside may be trying to avoid another cold environment such as the office (temperature wise). It is already freezing in the office; they need some place warm. Furthermore, the four walls of the office is no comfort; he/she needs some place open and spacious. Therefore, sitting outside of the restaurant seems a good choice. There are the sun, the breeze, and the crowd – a naturally refreshing environment.

At the same time, people who sit outside also want to feel a part of society. They like to watch life pass them by. The group of (high) school students talk and laugh loudly. The businessman in his black suit walks and talks hastily on his mobile. The old couple walk hand-in-hand down the city sidewalk. The jogger walks her pet dog. Some common stereotypes of city people. Life goes on.



Moving up is the balcony, another open air environment. People who sit on the balcony are deemed to be seeking solace. Its probably very hazy below. They have had a rough day. They need to be above the clouds. They need an alternative and refreshing view to the troubles of life.

Thereafter, the breeze blows away the negativity. It is gone with the wind.


Facing the entrance


Now, lets move into the restaurant. People who sit facing the entrance have great expectations of what’s to come.

They are expecting something of the unknown; something magical; something dramatic to happen. Somehow, somewhat, someone will walk through the entrance.

Back facing the entrance

The opposite of facing the entrance is to sit with their backs facing the entrance. People who sit in such a way want to look away from all the distraction that is happening. They can’t stand the drama that is happening.

They had an eyesore. They’ve seen too much, heard too much, and said too much. They want to un-see what they have seen. So they turn away. 

At the corner


The table in the corner is usually where the quiet, lonely, and focused people sit. They have important tasks to complete. They prefer to be left alone and undisturbed.

They don’t want to draw too much attention to themselves. This is so that they can quietly sneak in and out of the restaurant without being noticed.

In the middle

People who sit in the middle are presumably attention seekers. When a person sits in the middle of the restaurant, all eyes would immediately turn to him. People seated on his right would turn to their left. People seated on his left would turn to their right. People seated in front of him would look up. People walking into the restaurant would notice him sitting in the middle of the restaurant.


That person is me. Sitting in the middle, I had a 360 degree view of all that was going around me. I saw how and where people sat in the restaurant. And that is how this post was conjured.

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