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Let the games begin!

Netflix’s Squid Game is trending worldwide and taking the world by storm. In addition to the spectacular acting, storyline, setting, and cameos from 2 other-worldly and handsome actors; there’s one thing that is trending.

It has struck a chord with Malaysian hipster cafes and they’ve joined the craze.


Inside Scoop

TeaLive Asia

And not leaving this out:

And this:

No matter how much you lick, sure break!

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What I’ve Been Up To in 2020


It’s been more than 2 years since my last post on 1st January 2018 titled “2018“. And we’re already 8 months into 2020.

“Much has happened.” Is not an understatement.

Let’s backtrack a little bit and start with the recent events, obviously. From the start of 2020, the world was and still is fighting against the coronavirus pandemic.

To contain the spread of the virus, governments around the world imposed lockdowns and stay at home orders. Borders were closed. Roads were void of traffic. Mother nature took a breather.

For 3 months, the world was on standstill. Gone were the days of socializing and eating out with friends and family outside till late night. Social life was restricted in the home.

Here’s a document of what we ate at home during the 3 months of lockdown. This feels like a long overdue throwback post.


While in lockdown, people were craving for things to do, to eat, and to pass the time. The trend that took the world by storm was the Dalgona coffee. I too jumped on the bandwagon.

After many attempts, I finally made it! Tried with different versions of coffee and different mixing methods. Whipped by hand, whipped with the mini portable mixer, and whipped with the mini handheld mixer.

As we’re all in this together, we looked out for one another. We exchanged food with our neighbours. Our neighbours cooked delicious lasagnes and Panna Cotta.

Panna Cotta

The pandemic thought us to be self-sufficient and bring out the inner-chef and baker 24/7. We were so used to cooking once a day (at most) for five to six times per week. During the pandemic, we had to scratch our heads on how to cook for at least 3 times a day, 7 days a week, and for 3 months!

The challenge was not just maintaining the routine but also becoming creative for each and every meal.

Homemade Lo Mai Gai for Breakfast
Pies for Lunch
Shepherd’s Pie for Dinner
Cornish Pastry for Dinner
Indian Food for Dinner
Pajeon for Dinner
Cinnamons for Dessert

Through the different phases of the movement control order, we experimented with different variety of food, as illustrated above.

The food delivery businesses – Grab and Foodpanda – were striving in the midst of the pandemic. Restaurants and cafes had to rely on the food delivery services to get business and feed hungry people at home.

The fear of contracting the virus made us stay away from food deliveries and cook at home. Furthermore, cooking at home is definitely more cost saving than eating out or ordering in. There was also the hassle of disinfecting, cleaning, and separating the plastic bags from the food.

As the movement control order eased, we ordered our first outside food in months.

Domino’s Pizza for Dinner

Like being out of a cave, we’re finally back into civilization. More to come in the following posts.

Stay Tuned.

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Happy New Year! It is 2018!

Happy New Year! 2018 is turning out to be a festive and prosperous year.

Here’s why 2018 is a good boss. Gives a day off on the 1st work day of the week. No Monday Blues.

Image result for 1st january 2018 calendar malaysia

No better way than to start the year the Malaysian way. Nasi Lemak breakfast with Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock. Check out their Facebook in the link.


This kopitiam is located at B-G-01 Block B, Oasis Square, Jalan PJU 1A/7, Oasis Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

In addition to its recommended Nasi Lemak Ayam at RM11.90 which is the most expensive item on the menu; Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock also has Nasi Lemak Biasa, Nasi Goreng, Nasi Kunyit, Roti Bakar, etc.

This only the first meal of 2018. Looking forward to more food in 2018.

There is more to food than food itself.

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Waffled with Waffles

Waffle, a dessert that looks like a badminton or tennis racquet, or a round net. It is a pastry that is BEST eaten with jam, syrup, butter, or ice cream. 

Growing up, the closest I got to enjoying a waffle was at A&W Restaurants. Till today, A&W waffles do bring back memories.


As the years went by, the art of crafting waffles developed. Waffle World took waffles one step further. I tried their savoury and sweet waffles. More ingredients and flavours were added to the waffles menu. Their Salted Egg Yolk Waffle was uniquely named. Much like the Chocotop, the salted egg yolk was hardened on the ice cream. It’s an interesting, yet weird mash of salty salted egg yolk and sweet ice cream. However, there was still room for improvement in my world of waffles. I held on to the believe that there are better waffles out there.

Banana Caramel Waffle
Salted Egg Yolk Waffle

Fast forward to today, waffles are hipster! Ate waffles at Antipodean Cafe at Atria Shopping Mall. Ate their Blueberry Ice Cream Waffle and Butterscotch and Ice Cream Waffle. Even though they were as simple as before, but these Antipodean waffles were softer and sweeter. Honey overflowed from the waffles!

Then I was introduced to the waffles at Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar in Taman Paramount. Deconstructed their Tiramisu Peanut Butter Waffles. Artsy designs, good use of composition, and the mixture of flavours blended very well together. The peanut butter ice cream went really well with the charcoal waffle. I’m Fluffed!

Deconstructed Tiramisu Waffle

However, I was fluffed from the inside out by Inside Scoop in Damansara Jaya. Their nutella waffle blew me away! Nutella is heaven! Nutella and waffle mixed together is another universe in itself. The nutella waffle was topped with chocolate mint and vanilla flavoured ice creams.

A special mention to my #foodyfanstravel adventure in UK. The UK waffles were a class of their own. This particular waffle was from the site of the first coffee house in England. This site is none other than The Grand Cafe, befitting of its name.


Fast forward to today, waffles are hipster!

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Meet GJ My GF

Hi guys, sorry for the delay in posting because I’ve been pretty busy with a pretty girl. Yes, a VERY pretty girl.

It’s a “very x 3” long story….

Now, where do I even begin? It all started in the fall of 2013. I met her in Australia. We met briefly, quickly exchanged contacts, and said our “Hi’s” and “Bye’s”.

However, things started getting serious in the winter of 2013. The weather was getting colder. Night fell earlier than usual. The sky was always black and blue. I was getting moody. I was sad. I was down.

I needed a friend. Through my sadness, she was there beside me. When I was down, she lifted me up. When I was shivering cold, she filled me with her warm and fuzzy love.

Things heated up in the summer. The heat was unbearable. I was constantly burning with anger. I would flare up over the slightest incident.

Nevertheless, she was still there beside me. She remained as cool as spring, no matter the situation. She listened to all my rants, complaints, and arguments. Then, she would coolly and sweetly advice me. The advices she give would always send chills to my bones. She is the coolest girlfriend.

Her name is Gloria Jeans.

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