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Beggar’s Chicken at New Heong Kee Restaurant in Ampang Jaya

Instead of the usual, popular restaurants for dinner in town; why not something different and out of town?

From Petaling Jaya, we travelled out to Ampang Jaya. There, we had Beggar’s Chicken for dinner at New Heong Kee Restaurant.

How to get there

Driving along Jalan Lingkaran Tengah 2 (main road), it’s just after the Petronas petrol station. 

The restaurant is not in a shop lot but in a housing lot along the main road. There are 2 gates. The first gate is the entrance to more space at the back to park your car. The 2nd gate is the the main entrance to the parking space in front and to the restaurant. Nevertheless, both gates are on common ground and lead to the restaurant.

However, take note that parking is very limited with space for approximately less than 15 cars.

New Heong Kee Restaurant

You need to call, make advance booking, and pre-order your food.

Back to the restaurant, it has open-air seating. Mind you, it’s a non-airconditioned restaurant.

You can see how the Beggar’s Chicken is being cooked. Under a shack at the backyard, you can see the chicken cooked the traditional way.

Beggar’s Chicken. The chicken has to be ordered as it takes several hours to cook. The meat was soft, tender, succulent and moist at the same time. 

Below are some other dishes we ordered to go with the Beggar’s Chicken for dinner.

Beggar’s Duck. The duck was drenched in soy sauce, thereby giving it the additional flavour. As for the meat, it was soft and very tender. You don’t need a knife to even slice and cut the meat.

Beggar’s Pork Trotter. There was a good layer of chewy fat and good meat.

Boneless Fish, Country Fish, or as someone called it – Zombie Fish. Even though it’s fish, but it tasted like and had the texture of fish cake.


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