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Furano Winehouse in Hokkaido

Located on a hill overlooking the Furano City in Hokkaido is the Furano Winehouse. You can enjoy splendid views of the city, lavender fields, and mountains of Tokachi.

How to Get to Furano Winehouse

Furano Winehouse is about 3km by car from the Furano JR Station, or 2.6km by car from the Gakuden JR Station.

Furano Winehouse

Here, at Furano Wine House, you can enjoy food made with local Furano produce such as milk, cheese and vegetables, while enjoying a bottle of wine straight from the source. There’s a wide ranging menu to enjoy for both couples and families, such as Furano Wagyu cooked slowly in red wine, Tokachi beef steak, and cheese fondue, etc. The restaurant has a private room which can be used for dinner functions and seminars.

Furano in October 2019
Lunch at Furano
Furano in Autumn
Furano in Autumn

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