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Campana Rokkatei, Hokkaido

Campana Rokkatei is located in the vast vineyard of Shimizuyama in Furano City, Hokkaido. It boasts a view of grapevines sprawling across almost 80,000 square meters of rolling hillsides, as well as Mt. Tokachi from the glass-fronted shop right in front of you. It’s the ideal place for viewing the Daisetsuzan Volcanic Group while savoring sweets available exclusively in Furano. Also eat the grape-flavoured soft-ice-cream and Furano mochi (rice cake), which are popular there.

Don’t miss the iconic bell tower – the symbol of Rokkatei – beside the shop, with its dazzling silver bell.

How to Get to Campana Rokkatei

Campana Rokkatei is about a 10 min taxi ride from Furano Station on the JR Nemuro Main Line, or 4 minutes by car from the Gakuden Station on the Furano Line.

Campana Rokkatei

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