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Terminal 21 Mall in Bangkok

As the name suggests, Terminal 21 sounds like another airport-themed spot. True to it’s name, it is an airport-themed shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand.

How to Get to Terminal 21

There are 3 Terminal 21 malls in Thailand: Bangkok, Korat, and Pattaya. The “Terminal 21” in reference is the first Terminal 21 and it is in Bangkok. It is at Soi Sukhumvit 21, by the Asoke intersection, in Watthana District of Bangkok. Hence, the number “21”. Then, the name “Terminal 21” is meant to represent the concept that each retail floor represents different touristic cities.

This Terminal 21 in Bangkok is linked to BTS Skytrain and MRT with a skywalk, at Asok Station and Sukhumvit Station.

Terminal 21

Each floor is decorated based on touristic cities and locations around the world. At each escalator there’s a arch showing your arrival and departure city.

From Istanbul at Level 3, we can either depart up to San Francisco or depart back down to Paris.

Let’s depart up to San Francisco on Level 4.

Above San Francisco is the food court: Pier 21.

At Pier 21 is where you’ll come across the famous red San Francisco bridge.

Let’s depart down to London. Before our arrival at London on Level 2.

Spot the red London bus #21 on the Piccadilly Circus stopping at Camden Town, Covent Garden, and Bond Street.

In the Underground at 1/1 Street, Charing Cross station, and the rest room.

Pointing you around London in the Terminal.

Let’s depart for Tokyo on Level 1. Then upon arrival at Tokyo.

Let’s depart for Paris on Level M. Then upon our arrival at Paris.

Let’s depart for Rome on Level G.

Let’s depart for the Caribbeans on Level LG.

Bonus: this Terminal 21 in Bangkok has the longest escalators in Thailand, up to 36 meters long.

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