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1 Day Trip in Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan

‘Otaru’ is one of the leading tourist spots in Hokkaido with high popularity. It is a port city northwest of Sapporo city.

It is a perfect gateway to the seaside from the hustle and bustle of the city. For holiday-goers, the charming Hokkaido port city is renowned for it’s redbrick warehouses, sake distilleries, glassworks, and music boxes.

In summer, green ivy covers the warehouses—a stark contrast to the icicles that adorn the eaves in winter. Autumn paints the distant hillsides in a flurry of colors and spring brings delicate pink cherry blossoms.


If you’re wondering how to make the most in one day in Otaru, look no further than this perfect one day trip guide in Otaru.

Sankaku Market

You can’t give Sankaku Market a miss when you visit Otaru in Hokkaido. It is a down-to-earth marketplace with vendors selling fruits, veggies, seafood, and prepared seafood dishes in this wet market. Where is Sankaku Market It is the closest tourist attraction (200 meters or about 2 minutes walk) to Otaru JR station. (Continue Reading)

Otaru Canal

Beautiful Canal Lined with Old Warehouses ‘Otaru’ is one of the leading tourist spots in Hokkaido with high popularity, and its symbol is the Otaru Canal. But what’s so special about the Otaru Canal? And how much tourism time should you set aside for it? (Continue Reading)

Sakaimachi Street

Sakaimachi Street is an attractive, preserved merchant street in central Otaru, a short walk from Otaru Canal. Sakaimachi Street is about 900 meters in length. It is here you can find souvenir shops, museums, restaurants, historical buildings, and landmarks. (Continue Reading)

Otaru Tenguyama

From Otaru Tenguyama Ropeway, you can reach the peak of Mount Tengu (Otaru Tenguzan) to enjoy the panoramic view of Otaru Port and Ishikari Bay. On a clear day you can see as far as Mt. Shokanbetsu and the Shakotan Peninsula. The views offered of downtown Otaru and the Sea of Japan are said to be one of the three best night views in Hokkaido. (Continue Reading)

Otaru Walking Tour Map

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