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The Brew House @ Sunway Pyramid

A fusion of Pan-Asian and modern western gastronomy, the Brew House can be found at Sunway Pyramid. The Brew House @ Sunway Pyramid is located at Sunway Pyramid West and under Sunway Clio hotel.

The Brew House is not just at Sunway Pyramid. It can also be found throughout the Klang Valley, in Ipoh, in Penang, and in Johor.

Where is The Brew House

How to get to The Brew House?

Parking is convenient. You can park in the basement under Sunway Pyramid itself or under Sunway Pyramid West, and then take the lift up to the ground floor.

The Brew House is a corner lot shop on the ground floor fronting the NPE highway.

The Brew House

Whether you are popping in to sample their latest and freshest brew, a quick after work glass of wine or, having lunch, dinner or supper with friends or families, have a great experience.

The Brew House offers an innovative approach to dining. The food is a fusion of Pan-Asian and modern western gastronomy, and is as inspired and varied as their brews.

Expertly prepared by their Executive Chef with the freshest ingredients and flavours that is ever-evolving, the meals are ideal for any celebrations with friends and families. They also offer a selection of meats, pastas, pizzas and asian delicacies – perfect just for grazing and the ideal accompaniment to a pint of the freshest Brew or glass of wine.

Swipe on instagram to view the Roasted Whole Pork Knuckle, Brew House Signature Pork Chop, and Roasted Pork Belly.

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