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Ramen Bar Shi Shi Do

Also known as Shi Shi Do Ramen Bar (to me), is in the Gasket Alley. The Gasket Alley is not hard to miss, as it is directly opposite Jaya 1 shopping mall and behind Columbia Asia Hospital – Petaling Jaya.

The Gasket Alley is a small warehouse with restaurants, dessert outlets, an IT store, and Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya. Head right to the end where you’ll find the authentic Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen in Section 13, Petaling Jaya.

Where is Ramen Bar Shi Shi Do

How to get there?

If you’re not Grabbing to the restaurant, within the compound, there is a short row of visitor’s parking. Alternatively, you can park at Jaya 1 or the office complexes down the road, and walk up to the Gasket Alley.

During lunch hours or rush hours, there can be long queues outside the restaurant. So it’ll be best to go early and time yourself beforehand.

Inside the Ramen Bar

Instead of going to Japan, Japan is brought to you. And you’re transported back into time inside the ramen bar.

There is a ground and mezzanine level. On the ground floor, it feels like you’re eating in the streets of Japan in the old days of history’s past. You’re surrounded by “shophouses” and an old street lamp post in the middle.

Ramen Bar Shi Shi Do Food

The pork broth is delicately boiled and skimmed up to 48 hours to bring out the natural yet rich flavour of the finest pork bones. On top of that, the meticulously custom-made springy noodles are perfect to be slurped up with the creamy soup, alongside the tender braised pork shoulder, soft boiled egg, black fungus and spring onion. With a 9 years of history, the artisans have been focusing on serving the ultimate tonkotsu ramen, from the stove to the serving table, only for you.

Orders are made with the touch screen tablet on the table.

There are three types of ramen to choose from. Each mainly with a different meat given: pork shoulder slice (1 piece), Yakibuta (2 pieces), and Ippon Yakibuta.

Then you can choose and mix the flavour, from single, to double, and triple flavours. Single flavour consists of either pork soup, black garlic pork soup, spicy pork soup, curry pork soup, basil pork soup, and pepper spicy pork soup. From these selections, you can mix and match to double or triple flavours.

Ajitama Chashu Ramen (RM25.00)

If not ramen, you can make your own hot pot. There’s Shishido Original Tonkotsu Hot Pot and Shishido Original Spicy Tonkotsu Hot Pot.

Shishido Original Tonkotsu Hot Pot (RM22.00)

They also have three types of Tsukemen to choose from: Tonkotsu Tsukemen, Yakibuta Tsukemen, and Ippon Yakibuta Tsukemen. Like the ramen, you can also mix and match the flavours. The single flavours are black garlic pork soup, spicy pork soup, curry pork soup, basil pork soup, and pepper spicy pork soup.

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