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Jo’s Bakery @ Tropicana Avenue

Recently, I attended a private function at Jo’s Bakery.

Park in Tropicana Avenue’s multi-storey or basement parking, and then walk over to Jo’s Bakery on the ground floor.

Jo’s Bakery is not hard to miss and easy to spot (bakery) in Tropicana Avenue. It is located just next to Village Grocer.

After your grocery shopping at Village Grocer or meals at one of the restaurants in Tropicana Avenue, you can stroll over to Jo’s Bakery.

About Jo’s Bakery

Jo’s Bakery is your local, premium home-baked cheesecake specialist. They bake premium quality products from fresh and natural ingredients with no preservatives. There are also pastries, all day meal sets, and awesome coffee.

Jo’s Bakery has a beautiful and bright loft layout. It is very inviting with it’s floor-to-ceiling glass entrance.

Sit at the high table to enjoy the view of shoppers walking out of Village Grocer and strangers passing by. Lounge on their cozy chairs, and enjoy a scone and a cup of hot tea.

For more privacy, you’re welcome to sit upstairs in their loft. Sit at the high table or comfortably lean against the wall on the bench.

Jo’s Bakery Menu

They’re all day meals run from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM.

Indulge in their Cauliflower Rice with smoked salmon, fried egg, and salad or Mushroom Spaghetti.

For lighter meals, have bites of their bread with half-boiled egg or scrambled egg, or with cheese, egg, and salad. You’ve the choice of either a Wholemeal German or Olive bread. Also check out their Baked Eggs with Mushroom with salad, or with salad and German bread.

Craving for something local? Take bites out of their Terengganu’s Mini Paung. It comes in a set of 6 mini butter buns with butter and homemade kaya.

Their scones are also not to be missed! The scones come in Regular 2s or Mini 6s. You can even customize the flavours: original, earl grey, cheese and onion, rosemary, or a mix of any 4 flavors.

Jo’s Bakery’s premium cheesecakes are the highlights, must tries, and not to be missed.

The recommendations are Durian, Lime Avocado, Earl Grey, Pandan Coconut, Gula Melaka Cendol, and Burnt Cheesecake cheesecakes. The cakes come in slices, 7″ cake, 8″ cake, or 9″ cake.

Jo’s Bakery Online

Follow Jo’s Bakery on Facebook (@Jo’s Bakery) and Instagram (@jos_bakery) for more delicious local, premium home-made cheesecakes.

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