Sapporo TV Tower at Night in Hokkaido

Sapporo TV Tower stands exactly in the heart of Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. The Sapporo TV Tower was built in 1957 and is a 147.2-metre-high (483 ft) TV tower with an observation deck at a height of 90.38 metres. It is located on the eastern end of Odori Park.

Sapporo TV Tower (さっぽろテレビ塔, Sapporo Terebi-tō)

¥720 admission fee

We visited Sapporo in the autumn of 2019. Due to time constrain, we could only tour the observation deck at night. Inasmuch the day time view was beautiful, the overarching and overlooking night time view was spectacular. See how Odori Park and Sapporo city light up at night!

View of Sapporo city at night
Night view of Odori Park
What you can view to the east of the Sapporo TV Tower

How to Get to Sapporo TV Tower

Traveling by subway or train?

  • Exit number 27 is a 5 minute walk from the Sapporo Municipal Subway Odori Station (Tozai line and Nanboku line)
  • Exit number 27 is a 1 minute walk from the Sapporo Municipal Subway Odori Station (Toho line)
  • A 15 minute walk from the JR Sapporo Station, South Exit.

Traveling by car?

  • 15 minutes (4.572 km) from the Sapporo North Interchange expressway exit

Traveling by taxi?

  • 5 minutes from the JR Sapporo Station (approximately 800 yen)

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