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Kwai Chai Hong in KL Chinatown

Travel back in time to the 1960s golden era of KL Chinatown at this lane – Lorong Panggung in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Lorong Panggung, is also famously known as Kwai Chai Hong, which is directly translated as “Ghost Lane” or “Little Demon Alley” in English from Cantonese. 

How to get there

Since it’s in the heart of KL, it is convenient to get to Kwai Chai Hong via public transport.

If you’re riding the LRT or MRT, get off at Pasar Seni station. Walk towards MRT Exit – Pintu A towards Jalan Panggung. Kwai Chai Hong is behind the row of shophouses along Jalan Panggung. 

If you’re riding the KL Monorail, get off at Maharajalela station. Walk towards Jalan Petaling. Kwai Chai Hong is about 10mins walk from the Station.

If you’re driving, there’s ample parking nearby. There’s Joy Full Parking and DY Parking, which are just next to the Pasar Seni MRT.

Kwai Chai Hong

Under Project Kwai Chai Hong, 10 shophouses – six fronting Jalan Petaling and another four units along Lorong Panggung – were restored.

Next to the entrance of Kwai Chai Hong is Pandan Republic. You can grab an ice cream on the go and sweetly tour Kwai Chai Hong. 

You’ll be greeted by a red bridge and arch that sports the Mandarin characters of “Kwai Chai Hong”. Spot strings of red lanterns and the Bunn Choon Restoran (since 1893) signage above.

The guardrails or safety rails of the bridge are colourfully painted in red. Along the left side of the bridge, you’ll be greeted by the sign, 红桥 Hong Qiao which is the name of the bridge. On the bridge, you’ll find a mural of a loving couple sitting on the bridge.

Inside the lane are few murals depicting the daily activities of early Chinese settlers in the area during the 1960s. 

You’ll find yourself at the back of a few restaurants. Directly after the bridge, you’re at the back of Da Bao.

Next to Da Bao is a mural of a man sharpening a knife and a Tiger Beer advertisement above him.

There is another door with a sign above brightly shining in red, Restoran Bunn Choon. Next to the door is a mural of a girl looking out a window and 2 little boys squatting and playing. These show the simple life back in the past.

Just after the bridge on the left is a red street lamp and a mural of an elderly uncle playing the erhu – a traditional Chinese string instrument with only two strings. There is a bench in front, where you can sit a take some pics with the uncle.

Towards the other end of the lane, you’ll be greeted by a bright red, Japanese-looking arch. 

At the end is the red (mockup) store of DayOne DayOne Noodle.

Above is a full wall mural of shop lots in the past. Funnily, you’ll see a mural of the kung fu landlady from Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle. 

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