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Authentic Arabic Yemeni food at Balqis Restaurant in Putrajaya

After a walk in the park in Putrajaya, whether its Taman Saujana Hijau Putrajaya or Anjung Floria, why not Arabic food for lunch? Let me introduce to you – Balqis Restaurant – Shaftsbury Putrajaya.

“At The Balqis Restaurant, we serve fresh and authentic Arabic Yemini cuisine just as The Balqis Queen was once known for to satisfy the appetite of Arabic kings and members of the royal family. Indulge in the rich taste and fabled tradition of Balqis cuisine marked by signature fragrant and aromatic spices for yourself. Experience an unforgettable feast truly made for kings and queens when you dine at The Balqis Restaurant.”


How to get to Balqis

Balqis Restaurant is located in Shaftsbury Avenue or also known as Shaftsbury Putrajaya Mall. Checks on Google Map shows it’s at Lot G-08 – the ground floor of the mall.

If you’re driving and have parked in the basement parking at level B3 or higher, take the lift to the ground floor. Then walk towards the south end of the mall. You should pass a drive-thru of Starbucks. 

There’s indoor and outdoor dining. Due to it being “fully booked” and we were walk-in customers, we sat outdoors – it was sheltered. 


We browsed and ordered our food with Beep. There was a QR code to scan to open the menu online. 

You can check out their menu here.

We were pleasantly surprised with the wide spread of cuisine. Balqis serves a variety of foods and drinks from Arabic Yemeni food to Western food. 

There was a middle-sized group of 7 of us. As we placed our order on the site, which opened in our browser, the site updated simultaneously in real-time. This is an example of easy online ordering.

Below is what we ordered:

In addition to the aboves, we also ordered Haneeth lamb (regular), carrot & orange juice, Adani Tea (in a pot), and Queen Tea Ice.

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