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Arfa Home Homestay in Kedah, Malaysia

source: Arfa Home

Arfa Home Homestay in Alor Setar, Kedah has a very spacious swimming pool and is divided into two, for adults and children.

So you don’t have to share to bathe in the pool with them and feel more satisfied to soak and play in the water. Arfa Home Homestay also provides 4 bedrooms where each room has queen size beds as well as air conditioning and wall fans.

Most interestingly, this homestay also has a home theater where you can spend time together with all your family members. In addition to bathing in the swimming pool, you can also do other activities such as karaoke and fishing.

For those of you who have a large number of family members, don’t worry because this homestay can accommodate up to 20 to 25 guests at a time. Visit the Facebook to learn more about this homestay.

You can book your stay at Arfa Home Homestay below. For every completed booking, I’ll receive a commission.

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