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5 Best Glamping Locations in Selangor

As the holiday season approaches, many of you must be busy planning to take your family to enjoy outdoor activities away from the hustle and bustle of the city, right? One of them is to go camping.

But, it’s kind of difficult with the fuss and difficulty of setting up a tent. Having to cook and light the fire again, are quite tiring. Not to mention if you want to bring small children and elderly family members along.

If you still want a mock camping atmosphere with nature, then glamping is the best choice for you! You can stay close to and enjoy nature without having to sacrifice comfort and peace of mind.

  1. Tadom Hill Resorts
  2. River & Glamp.
  3. The Sticks
  4. MoonKissed By the River
  5. Dusun Bonda

Did you know that there are actually many places suitable for the whole family to go glamping in Malaysia? If you are looking for a glamping spot in Selangor, below is a list of interesting glamping locations for you here. So read on to find out more!

What is glamping?

Glamping is an abbreviation of the term resulting from the combination of “glamorous” and “camping”. Just as the name suggests, glamping is camping in style.

It is an upgrade from traditional camping and often involves staying in small self-contained accommodation such as homestays, chalets or modern canopy tents. Glamping provides the perfect balance between nature exploration and comfortable accommodation. Needs and facilities are all provided, meaning you don’t have to worry about toiletries, bathroom and bed.

In Malaysia, glamping accommodation facilities may differ. Some may come complete with Wi-Fi and daily cleaning service, while others may not. Of course, glamping may not be as authentic as regular camping, but glamping is definitely less stressful and more comfortable!

Relax your mind and body and these glamping locations!

1. Tadom Hill Resorts

Photo Credit: Tadom Hill Resorts Facebook

It’s often quite difficult to find a bamboo-inspired accommodation like this one at Tadom Hill Resorts. Located exclusively in Banting’s own nature reserve, Tadom Hill Resorts is a 45-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur and a 15-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The relatively close distance is perfect for a glamping place for your family!

At Tadom, you can choose a variety of activities to spend your free time. Complete with a variety of land and water activities, you can choose to be an adventurer, be active and relax when you want, or spend all your time just relaxing. 

Photo Credit: Tadom Hill Resorts Facebook

Whether it’s getting your adrenaline pumping for a dive into Tadom’s Emerald Lake, sitting in a bamboo-made gazebo while enjoying the breathtaking view of nature, the list goes on. More importantly, Tadom Hill Resorts offers something for everyone.

Photo Credit: Tadom Hill Resorts Facebook
Accommodation type* Chalet
* Bamboo Hut
Convenience* Private bed and bathroom
* Pillows, blankets, linens and towels
* Air conditioning and ceiling fan
* Canopy mosquito nets are available at select accommodations
Activities provided* Water Activities – 5m Bamboo Diving Platform, Tarzan Swing, Bamboo Raft
* Extreme Activities – Flying fox, ATV, Archery and snorkelling
* Indoor Activities – Giant Jenga, Congkak, Table Tennis, Badminton, and Beach Volleyball
* Children’s Activities – Rustic bamboo playground with obstacle course 
Rates* From RM 140.00/night for 2 people.
* From RM 540.00/night for 6 to 7 people.

2. River & Glamp.

Photo Credit: River & Glamp. Facebook

Located in Sungai Buloh, immerse yourself in the beauty of nature at River & Glamp! This Muslim-owned nature glamping resort in Selangor is the perfect getaway from city life, and has many types of accommodation available. Ranging from chalets to riverside huts. Take this opportunity to explore this forest reserve without having to sacrifice your modern comforts by spending the night in the resort’s brand new glamping tent! 

Photo Credit: River & Glamp. Facebook

Suitable for five guests, each glamping tent has five mattresses, a portable fan and air conditioner, fresh linen, and access to a nearby bathroom. Not only that, cutlery, barbecue grill and instant drink pouches are also provided if you are hungry. Not only that, the resort also provides breakfast and dinner with only a charge of RM25 per person.

Photo Credit: River & Glamp. Facebook
Accommodation type* Chalet
* Hut
Convenience* Fresh mattresses and linens
* Portable fans and air conditioners
* Shared bathroom
* Barbecue grill
Rates* From RM495 per Glamping tent per night for 4-5 people.
* From RM695 per night for a VIP Glamping tent

3. The Sticks

The main goal at The Sticks is to reduce the burden, reduce the use of electronics and make you relax! This eco-friendly inn promises a forest home for you to fully relax and unwind. Their accommodation is called a tentok, a cross between a tent and a hut, intended to provide a retreat back to nature. Don’t worry, tents still make a comfortable, beautiful and peaceful place to live!

In addition, dinner and breakfast are included as part of the room rate. Additionally, you can add another RM25 per person to get a full meal including lunch and afternoon tea. However, you are advised not to bring outside food! So don’t worry about food, and you have more time to sunbathe in the beautiful surroundings, swim in the river and play in the swing or hammock!

Accommodation type* Tendok (a cross between a tent and a hut)
Convenience* There are tents complete with bathrooms, others rely on shared bathrooms.
* There is no air conditioning, but a fan is provided.
* Towels and basic toiletries are provided
* No WiFi available, so you can enjoy nature
* Common areas are available for lounging, along with the river and other facilities such as tubing for tubing
* Breakfast and dinner are provided
Rates* From RM342 per room per night for Serene Tendok
* From RM564 per room per night for a Family Room

Note: The Sticks provides delicious meals cooked entirely with halal ingredients. However, please note that alcoholic beverages are also available for sale in the dining room (known as the Hall). We recommend you eat at your own discretion.

4. MoonKissed By the River

Photo Credit: Moonkissed By The River Facebook

The soothing moonlight at night, the soothing sound of the river and the gentle breeze make for the perfect glamping experience. Get a moon kiss by the river, as the name suggests MoonKissed By the River!

This glamping location is perfect for nature lovers out there! Located in Hulu Langat, MoonKissed By the River is famous for its family-friendly glamping site suitable for large groups of Family Day, relaxing with close friends and doing nature activities. In addition, enjoy BBQ activities and camping by the Semungkis River with family and friends.

Photo Credit: Moonkissed By The River Facebook

Here, you will find well-decorated glamping tents for glamper comfort. Several fire pits are located on site so you can enjoy a warm and relaxing evening. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and floats to dive into the river located inside the campsite!

Photo Credit: Moonkissed By The River Facebook
Accommodation type* Glamping tent
Convenience* Air conditioning, fans, and electric kettles are provided.
Campfire and private BBQ
* Ice in icebox, charcoal & large bottle of mineral water, breakfast.
* The bathroom and river area are clean 
* Transport from the car park to the glamp site (on request)
* Cafe and dining room 
Price rate* From RM250 – RM500, depending on the size of the glamping room

5. Dusun Bonda

Photo Credit: Dusun Bonda Website

Dusun Bonda embodies the true definition of glamping, also meaning “mother’s garden” created by the owner with the hope of providing a wonderful childhood experience to her daughter.

Kid-friendly is the best word to describe this glamping site with amenities like man-made pools, waterfalls and playgrounds. Several types of glamping accommodation are available to choose from. If you want a real glamping experience, you can choose a Bell Tent with a private bathroom next to the unit. Alternatively, you can spend the rest of your time at the nearby Sungai Ulu Tamu or prepare your meals in the fully equipped communal kitchen. FYI, there are two natural hot springs just three minutes drive from the glamping campsite.

So bring your kids here to enjoy a wonderful glamping experience and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones!

Accommodation Type* Bell glamping tent
Convenience* Air conditioner, fan, 
* Electric mosquito repellent is also supplied
* Fully equipped pantry with fridge, microwave and electric kettle.
* Breakfast is available.
* Basic ingredients such as oil, sugar, salt are available.
* Campfire and BBQ.
* A private bathroom and toiletries are also provided.
* Swimming pool, playground and surau are also available
Price rate* From the price of RM350 – RM650, depending on the size of the glamping room

So, if you’re looking for the best glamping spots in Selangor, be sure to use this list for inspiration! Again almost all recommended glamping locations are close to the river. This is so that you and your loved ones can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. You will stay close to and enjoy nature without having to sacrifice comfort and peace of mind.

The soothing sound of the river and the gentle breeze, make it the perfect glamping experience. Don’t wait any longer! Go ahead and plan the perfect vacation with friends and family based on these locations we’ve shared! 

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