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Ramen Udon Soba in Perth

Continuing from my previous post Sushi Sale: Sold out on Sushi, today’s post is about some ramen in Perth, Western Australia.

Udon, ramen and soba noodles were never in my food vocabulary. They were considered plain and foreign, until I discovered good ramen; worthy to mention. And good ramen was found in Perth.

1. Dosukoi Ramen, Fremantle Market

Located in the heart of Fremantle Market is a popular Japanese ramen shop – Dosukoi Ramen. Considering its popularity, the best time to eat their ramen is before lunch hour – 11-ish. Furthermore, its a small shop, it can get very cramp. This is especially true during lunch hour, when hungry people are queuing for your spot.

However, if you opt to skip the wait or have a take-away, Dosukoi Ramen has a good mobile customer service. Leave your mobile number with them and they will send you a text message when your order is ready or when there is an empty spot for you. Hurry, because you don’t want to miss out on the delicious Dosukoi Ramen!

2. Nao Ramen, Perth CBD

Tired and in need of a change? Head up north to the city centre, Perth CBD. There are more Japanese ramen shops in Perth CBD. Nao Ramen, newly opened, also offers good ramen as Dosukoi Ramen. Similarly, go early to avoid the lunch crowd or you will be queuing in the (hot summer) sun. What’s different at Nao Ramen is the choice of ramen. You even get to mix-and-match your choice of soup flavour with your preferred ramen.

3. Arigataya, Perth CBD

Walk north-west and you will find another Japanese restaurant located along Roe Street in Northbridge, Perth City.

Nao-Arigataya GMap

Compared to Nao Ramen, Arigataya offers a wider range of add-ons to your ramen. However, it is known for its large ramen. The bowl is SO big that it can literally feed 2 people.

If you know of any other Japanese ramen shops in Perth, do leave a recommendation in the comment section below. Otherwise, happy noodling.

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