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Jeff Lee Kitchen in Sungai Buloh

Located in the heart of Sungai Buloh’s industrial district is a local Chinese restaurant by the name of Jeff Lee Kitchen.

When my friend sent me the Google link, I thought it was a cafe, but it was not!

How to get there

Even though there’s an MRT station (Kampung Selamat MRT) nearby, but it’s not walkable. Even when driving, you’ll be passing rows of warehouses and trailing trucks and lorries closely behind. 

If you’re driving along Jalan Welfare, turn into Jalan Market. There’s an empty car park and field in the middle of the area.

As for Jeff Lee Kitchen, it is just conveniently located in front of the open car park. Jeff Lee Kitchen is 2 shop lots side-by-side.

Due to it’s popularity and to avoid the lunch crowd, go early. By noon, the crowd started filling up the restaurant.

Jeff Lee Kitchen

The signature dishes are the standing chicken, Peking duck, stir fried pork belly, minced pork noodles, cold “paku-pakis”, and claypot pork or fish porridge.

Among the signature dishes, we had these for lunch.

Paku-Pakis (RM15.00)

Minced pork noodles (RM10.00)

Stir fried pork belly (RM20.00)

Peking duck (RM45.00)

For dessert, we had the mochi mango (RM5.00).

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