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Arlington Row in Bibury, Gloucestershire, England

This is a throwback post to my trip in the UK in 2016 and photos posted go back to then. On one of the days, we visited the Cotswold and Stratford via a 1-day tour package. 

The first stop was Burford town. Next and second stop is Arlington Row. Arlington Row is 10.6 miles South-West of Burford and about 90 miles west of London.

Arlington Row is a nationally notable architectural conservation area in the parish of Bibury, Gloucestershire, England.

Arlington Row was built in the late 14th century as a wool store and converted into weavers houses in the late 17th century. Today, it is a Grade I listed building, owned by the National Trust. It is also a popular visitor attraction,probably one of the most photographed Cotswold scenes. 

The River Coln flows through Bibury, sandwiched between the main street and an expanse of boggy water meadow known as Rack Isle. The Rack Isle is so called because wool was once hung out to dry on racks after it had been washed in Arlington Row. See more information at the National Trust website.

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