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Kakigori at MyKori Dessert Cafe Kota Damansara (Dataran Sunway)

After dinner in Kota Damansara, why not some Kakigori and waffle for dessert? For us, after dinner at Soru Station, we headed over to MyKori Dessert Cafe Kota Damansara (Dataran Sunway).

According to their website and as of today’s post, there are 88 MyKori Dessert Cafes in Malaysia.

How to get there

Anyway, back to MyKori Dessert Cafe Kota Damansara, if you’re driving and looking for parking, be prepared to go round looking for it. Like any other commercial district like SS2, Damansara Uptown – Kota Damansara is also notoriously known for lack of parking space.

Alternatively, if you’re taking the MRT, stop at the Surian MRT and walk 900 meters North from the station. It is about a 12 minutes walk from the MRT station.

MyKori Kota Damansara

The Kota Damansara branch of MyKori Dessert Cafe is on the first floor of a shop lot. As it’s not on the ground floor, you might miss it if you walk or drive by. The cafe is long, spacious, and brightly lit. So, even if you’re in a group of 8 or more people, there is enough space, comfortably for everybody.


From their Signature Kakigori selection, we had the Mango Cheesecake Kakigori, Chocolate Tiramisu Kakigori, and Cookies & Cream with OREA Kakigori. In addition to the kakigories, we also had a 3 Scoops Ice Cream Buttermilk Waffle.

MyKori’s Signature Kakigori are shaved ice desserts incorporating fresh fruits, ice cream as well as layers of flavour.

The Mango Cheesecake Kakigori (above) was made up of milk ice, cheesecake, buttercrumbs mango puree, and creme chantilly. Large was RM23, while mini was RM15.

The Chocolate Tiramisu Kakigori (above) was made up of milk ice, tiramisu cake, chocolate crispy balls cocoa powder, shredded chocolate creme chantilly, and coffee syrup. Large was RM25, while mini was RM16.

The Cookies & Cream with OREA Kakigori (above) was made up of milk ice, oreo biscuits oreo crumbs, and chocolate sauce. Large was RM21, while mini was RM13.

The 3 Scoops Ice Cream Buttermilk Waffle (above) had a base price of RM20. You can add on syrup with an additional RM2 and upgrade your gelato from RM1 to RM3 for different gelato flavours.

For the choice of syrup, there were the Honey Maple Syrup, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Sauce, and Mango Puree. We went with the Chocolate Sauce. 

Then for the gelato, with RM:

  1. you can get a Mint Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, or Choco Almond Fudge gelato
  2. you can get a Hazelnut, Summer Red, or Fruit Sorbet gelato
  3. you can get a Pistachio, Frozen Yogurt, or Mango Passion Sorbet gelato

We had the vanilla, chocolate, and pistachio gelato.


You can browse their online menu below.

MyKori Story

I thought MyKori meant Malaysian-Korean dessert of some sort. However, MyKori’s history tells a different story.

During his travels overseas, MyKori’s founder discovered a unique Japanese pastry, a fish shaped snack, made of croissant with varied sweet and savoury fillings such as red bean, chocolate banana and cheese. He then made the necessary arrangements, including learning hands on how it’s made, securing the signature molds and ingredients that give the Taiyaki its unique shape and flavour and launching with authentic Japanese ranges and then further expanding them to suit local tastes.

Not content with just pastries, he then sought to make MyKori the epitome of the 21st century Japanese dessert house, expanding to include the signature toasts and shaved ice desserts (Kakigori) that incorporate fresh fruits, ice cream as well as layers of flavour. And to not leave out those that seek healthier options, there’s also the Kenko Kakigori, a guiltless option that incorporates shaved ice, yoghurt / milk, fresh fruits as well as a variety of grains.

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