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Christ Church Oxford

This is a throwback post to my trip in Oxford in 2016 and photos posted go back to then.

Located at St Aldate’s street on the grounds of the University of Oxford in Oxford is Christ Church. 

Christ Church sits in approximately 175 acres (71 hectares) of land. Its grounds contain a number of architecturally significant buildings including Tom Tower (designed by Sir Christopher Wren), Tom Quad (the largest quadrangle in Oxford), and the Great Dining Hall, which was the seat of the parliament assembled by King Charles I during the English Civil War. 

Tom Tower

Tom Tower is a bell tower in Oxford, England, named after its bell, Great Tom. Great Tom, housed in the tower, is the loudest bell in Oxford.

Tom Tower is over Tom Gate, on St Aldates, the main entrance of Christ Church, Oxford, which leads into Tom Quad. This square tower with an octagonal lantern and facetted ogee dome was designed by Christopher Wren and built 1681–82.

Tom Quad (Great Quadrangle)

The Great Quadrangle, more popularly known as Tom Quad, is one of the quadrangles of Christ Church, Oxford, England. It is the largest college quad in Oxford, measuring 264 by 261 feet.

In the centre of the quad, there is an ornamental pond with a statue of Mercury.

Great Dining Hall

Christ Church Cathedral

This Medieval Gothic and Romanesque cathedral – Christ Church Cathedral – of the Anglican diocese of Oxford, serves Christ Church college and the local parish. This dual role as cathedral and college chapel is unique in the Church of England.

The nave, choir, main tower and transepts are late Norman. There are architectural features ranging from Norman to the Perpendicular style and a large rose window of the ten-part (i.e. botanical) type.

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