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Sushi Sale: Sold out on Sushi

Sushi. Sashimi. Raw food. Bento set. Green tea. Sushi King. Sushi Tei. Pasta Zanmai. Sushi Zanmai. Hokkaido Sushi.

All things Sushi mah…

Growing up, this was the equation for Japanese food:

Japanese = sushi

When we go into a Japanese restaurant, we go for the table; not the set. Conveyor belt sushi or sushi train, I mean. It’s fun to see the food coming to you. But it is not fun when its always, ALWAYS the same food choice: salmon sushi, egg mayo sushi, prawn sushi, and tuna sushi.

Similar yet Different

Anyway, after countless plates of sushi, this is the end result.

Achievement Unlocked
Achievement Unlocked

Eat first and count last is what we normally do. It gets even interesting when we compare the different coloured plates at the end. We would count and see how many pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple plates we ate.


All that changed in 2014 when I went to Perth. I had a food shock. If you think culture shock was worse? Wait till you experience the food shock. There was no conveyor belt, no sushi train, no rotation sushi, and no sushi-go-round. Then, what Japanese food did people eat?


Bento Sets

People mainly ordered bento sets. They were value for money. The reason being was that sushi on conveyor belts were expensive.

Nevertheless, I discovered a variety of unique bento sets: Teriyaki chicken/fish/beef set, Tempura fish/chicken/prawn set, Unagi set, etc.

If discovering and exploring bento sets were not enough, there is more to come…

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