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MoonKissed by the River in Hulu Langat, Selangor

Photo Credit: Moonkissed By The River Facebook

The soothing moonlight at night, the soothing sound of the river and the gentle breeze make for the perfect glamping experience. Get a moon kiss by the river, as the name suggests MoonKissed By the River!

This glamping location is perfect for nature lovers out there! Located in Hulu Langat, MoonKissed By the River is famous for its family-friendly glamping site suitable for large groups of Family Day, relaxing with close friends and doing nature activities. In addition, enjoy BBQ activities and camping by the Semungkis River with family and friends.

Photo Credit: Moonkissed By The River Facebook

Here, you will find well-decorated glamping tents for glamper comfort. Several fire pits are located on site so you can enjoy a warm and relaxing evening. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and floats to dive into the river located inside the campsite!

Photo Credit: Moonkissed By The River Facebook
Accommodation type* Glamping tent
Convenience* Air conditioning, fans, and electric kettles are provided.
Campfire and private BBQ
* Ice in icebox, charcoal & large bottle of mineral water, breakfast.
* The bathroom and river area are clean 
* Transport from the car park to the glamp site (on request)
* Cafe and dining room 
Price rate* From RM250 – RM500, depending on the size of the glamping room

You can book your stay at MoonKissed By The River below. For every successful and completed booking, I’ll receive a commission.

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