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Bukit Bendera, Penang Hill, and Flagstaff Hill

Penang Hill, Bukit Bendera, or Flagstaff Hill is the most developed peak in Penang.

They are one and the same. Penang Hill is also known by the Malay name Bukit Bendera, which actually refers to Flagstaff Hill.

At 833 m (2,733 ft) above sea level and Georgetown at it’s peak, Penang Hill has an amazing panoramic view of the island and mainland. Penang Hill is also part of Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve, recognized by UNESCO as the third Biosphere Reserve in Malaysia listed in the World Network of Biosphere Reserve (WNBR).

How to Get to Penang Hill (See you at the top)

Penang Hills covers a number of hills. To get to the peak where the observation deck is, you’ve to ride the funicular train via the Penang Hill Railway from the foot of the hill at Hill Railway Station Road. 

The Penang Hill Funicular Train is the most popular and convenient way get to the top of the hill. The funicular’s tunnel track is also the steepest in the world and the longest track in Asia, adding to its uniqueness.

Love Lock

If you’re visiting Penang Hill with a significant other, pop by the lover’s promenade at the open-air observation deck. You can fasten a love lock 823 m (2,700 ft) above sea level on an 80-meter wide fence overlooking the city of Georgetown! Love locks are available for purchase on-site and you can decorate them individually and secure them along the fence. Though you can also bring your own if you’d like.

Feast 833 meters in the sky

Feeling hungry? Pop by the Cliff Cafe (also known as the Astaka Bukit Bendera), a three-storey food court where you can feast on a variety of local delights.

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