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Breakfast Thieves, The Gypsy King, and The Legend

If you’re reading this, I’ve a confession to make. After much wrangling, countless tossing and turnings in bed at night, and guilt for a week; I’ve decided to own up to my mistake. The Gypsy King stole a Legendary Breakfast at the Breakfast Thieves in Bangsar. BANG!

The breakfast, or rather lunch, was legendary. It was outside of my comfort zone in Petaling Jaya. Last Saturday, my friend and I took a ride down to Bangsar to try the much talked about and newly opened Breakfast Thieves (BT). It was located just beside PULP by Papa Palheta. By design, the cafe is modern and hipster, as it is housed in a glass house. Natural lighting thrives in and around the cafe. Furthermore, with the extensive use of glass panes, the cafe feels spacious and naturally comforting.


It was an hour’s wait for our table as it was full house. Being a new cafe and being new to this cafe, we took some time to choose our food. The problem with most hipster cafes is that the food is often left to the customer’s imaginations. The menu would be filled with beautifully descriptions about the food. There would be no pictures for the customer to salivate the taste visually. Therefore, we resorted to the modern way – Instagram. After much deliberation, we ordered our food by faith and the wait continues…

As people walked into and out of the cafe, I realised that Malaysians have always had an affinity for food.In the past, before the rise of hipsterism, Malaysians would travel anywhere and everywhere for the “best” (subject to individual taste buds) and the latest food craze. PJ-ians would travel as far as Penang (4 hours drive), Malacca (2 hours drive), and Ipoh (1 hour drive) to eat the famous local delicacies. Some people even go to the extent of driving to these places in A day just for the food! #dedication.

That was Then. Now, due to the rise and popularity of hipster cafes, the journey has become more localised. The cafes are all within near driving distance. Malaysian foodies would hop from cafe to cafe, also known as cafe hopping. Malaysian cafe hoppers can hop as much as 7 times a day because Malaysians eat 7 times a day: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Tea, Dinner, Dessert, and Supper.

AND…. Our orders have arrived. Hungry much, but our stomachs can wait. In true #instafood fashion, we whipped out our (I)phones, we instagrammed our food with #filterS, and these are they: The Gypsy King & The Legend.

The Gypsy King is a very unique dish because of its misrepresentation, in a good way. From other foodies’ Instagram, the red cubes looked like tomato cubes, but they were actually smoked salmon sashimi. Also, those fried cubes looked like croutons, but they were actually potatoes. It is a good mixture of sashimi, potatoes, mushrooms, avocado, and poached eggs.

The Legend looked like a tomato-filled dish in a mini wok. However, after going deeper into it, spiciness kicked in. It was a tad bit spicy. In the mini work were beef salamis, ladies fingers, and mushrooms – covered with this spicy tomato-based paste. And the garlic bread is to be dipped into the paste.

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