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Bavarian Bierhaus’ Schnitzels and Knodel @ The Curve

Last weekend was a special occasion for the family to celebrate. Like most special occasions, the challenge was finding the venue.

Hence, I looked up the Entertainer app and found a casual dining place that served German and Western food. It was none other than Bavarian Bierhaus – The Curve.

Bavarian Bierhaus serves Mediterranean and German Food with a European feel. They serve Mediterranean and German food specialising in Pork delicacies.

Their concept is “ALWAYS THINK FOOD”. They also serve fresh homemade pasta and mouth pleasuring cold cuts. They have a wide wine list and cheese selection, with its casual atmosphere giving emphasis on good BEERS and big hearty meals.

The German Weiss-Biers is the most popular among many varieties of local and foreign beers the restaurant carries. The Bavarian Bierhaus offers the biggest selection of Paulaner Family Beers in Kuala Lumpur. The Weissbeer goes very well with their house specialities such as the German Bratwurst Sausages, Roasted Pork Knuckles and Barbequed Pork Ribs that happens to be their customers’ favoured dishes.

Many locals have been introduced to the Bavarian Bierhaus where they dine in with their family & friends savouring the foreign delicacies, the ‘’Malaysian Way’’

Bavarian Bierhaus @ The Curve

Bavarian Bierhaus – Lot G66 – is located on the ground floor at the Western Courtyard of The Curve.

To get to the restaurant, you can park in B1 or B2, and then take the escalator up to the ground floor. Then walk towards The Street and then turn right in the middle. The restaurant is located quietly in the Western Courtyard. Alternatively, you can drop off at the Western Courtyard entrance and the restaurant is immediately on your left.

In addition to at The Curve, there are also other Bavarian Bierhaus in Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur and Sunway Geo Avenue.


Below are teasers of Bavarian Bierhaus’ menu.

Alternatively, you can also browse their menu on Zomato.

You can also order and dine-in at the comfort of your own home. They do orders and deliveries with foodpanda.


The Entertainer App offered me to order a main course 1-for-1. I can order 2 main courses at the expense of 1. The second meal is “free” because it is paid by the first meal. Of the 2 meals, the higher priced meal will be billed.

At each restaurant, I’m given a maximum of 3 main courses to use. The 3 main courses can then feed at least 6 people.

I’m not going to keep all that moneysaving to myself. Let’s share and explore the Entertainer together, click here.

Entertainer and Menu

Bavarian Bierhaus was quite generous with the selection of main courses. We could not only choose the main course from a limited selection of main courses but also the snacks, pizzas, and pastas too!

As we were a small family dining, we used 2 main course offers which gave us 4 meals. From the snacks section, we ordered the Geroestate Knodel which is an addictive fry-up of chopped roasted bread dumplings with scrambled eggs, bacon and onions.

From the pizza section, we chose the Pizza Hawaiian. Pizza Hawaiian is a thin crust pizza with tomato sauce, grilled pineapple, bacon, chicken, and mozzarella cheese. The pizza was cut into 8 slices.

From the main course section, we ordered the Huhna Schnitzel with salad and potatoes salad, and Swiss Schnitzel with salad and pan fried potatoes. Each plate was served with 3 pork loins.

Huhna Schnitzel is freshly crumbled pork loin pan fried to golden. Swiss Schnitzel is pork loin freshly crumbled and pan fried, topped with ham and melted cheese. All schnitzels are served with garden salad and choice of pan fried potatoes, potato salad, or French fries.

Swiss Schnitzel with garden salad and pan fried potatoes
Huhna Schnitzel with garden salad and potatoes salad

Check out a video below of the food in action.

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