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Nanga Damai Homestay in Sarawak, Malaysia

Nanga Damai Homestay is quite a popular and well-known homestay in Kuching, Sarawak.

You will definitely be excited to see the beauty found in the environment and also the interior of this interesting homestay. Nanga Damai Homestay, which is located in the Borneo Forest, is able to provide you with an interesting holiday with all the equipment and facilities provided.

This homestay provides accommodation from villa rooms to double rooms where you can choose according to your budget and suitability.

Most interestingly here, you are also provided with breakfast and no longer have to bother going out to find food.

The green plants and flowers that flourish and bloom in the surroundings of this homestay yard will surely make your soul calm and peaceful plus the beauty of its green nature.

This homestay also has a swimming pool where you can spend time bathing together with the children. Visit the website to learn more about this homestay.

You can book your stay at Nanga Damai Homestay below. For every booking completed, I’ll receive a commission.

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